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What is NeuroAcer?

Neuroacer is the result of years of researching and experimenting in the field of neuroscience offered by a neuroscientist. At NeuroAcer we value the power of knowledge. We help people to become aware of their brain’s potentials first! Then we help them to develop healthier lifestyle.

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to earn more money?Do you want to have better relationships?Do you want to be happy?

The answer to all of these goals are the BRAIN!

If your brain is NOT working well, you won’t achieve your goals

Why the brain is important?

  • Your brain controls your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviors
  • If your brain is NOT healthy, you won’t be healthy.
  • If your brain is NOT healthy, you won’t succeed in life. PERIOD

Ok, I’m convinced! What should I do?

First step is to PROTECT your brain! As simple as this! Make sure that you are healthy, so, you could achieve more in your life!

How can NeuroAcer help you to get there?

We offer online programs, workshops, and coaching sessions:

  • Our online program helps individuals to start their journey towards health and life satisfaction.
  • Our workshops and webinars aim to help organizations with their mental health outreach.
  • Coaching sessions target individuals who want to dive deeper in their journey towards brain and mental health!

Here are our offers and services!

Online course!

My online ACE program on brain and mental health!

We cover 7 pillars of brain health in this program. CHECK OUT THE PROGRAM!

Read about what is involved in the online program here!

Private and group coaching sessions

I offer personalized health roadmap designed for your lifestyle!

Are you ready to get your life back on track! You can start any time that you are ready for a healthy life!

Read about what is involved in the coaching sessions here!

Talks & webinars

These workshops aim to improve productivity and satisfaction!

I offer workshops and webinars tailored for organizational needs to upskill employees and improve their performance!

Read about how your organization can benefit from these talks!

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health, prospect & accomplishment!

Who is offering these programs?

I am proud that I have been studying the brain for the last decade!

My products are not the result of reading few books and hearing facts about the brain.

I design research questions to undrestand the brain!

I look at the brain, literally, on a daily basis!

Me at the 7T scanner at the Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland

My services are the results of years of scientific research!

I feel, now, it is the right time to teach what I have learned so far about the brain!

Do you want to stay up to date with our research discoveries?

Read more about about me here!

Read more about my research on my personal page


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