About me

My mission is to help people undrestand the power of their brain and explore their potentials!

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Dr Maryam Ziaei

Founder of NeuroAcer

I’m a neuroscientist, a mum, and the founder of NeuroAcer. I am originally from Iran.  I am a research fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute and Centre for Advanced Imaging. 

I’m originally from Iran and moved to Australia to do my PhD. I have lived abroad and worked in different countries for the past 10 years. ​My passion is to help people protect their brains. I’ve studied how the brain processes emotion and cognition over the past decade using imaging methods. I am excited to share what we’ve learned from studying the brain, so it can help YOU to protect yours.

​As a first-time mum, the challenge of raising another human being got me inspired to share what I know about the brain to help others raising a healthier human being.

Email me: maryamziae@gmail.com