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Adam Grant

Exercise impact on cognition and brain

I think this is not news anymore that exercise is good for your brain. But we are investigating the details of what types of exercise, and the predictors of this impact in the aging population. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Social and emotional processes in aging!

Have you ever wondered why you won’t forget the moment your child was born or the feeling of your first kiss? Our memories are influenced by our emotions. Our cognitive capacities such as reasoning, memory, attention are modified by our mood and our emotions, as well as the emotional contents, carry in that particular situation. We are investigating how this interaction between our emotions and cognition changes as we age!

​Social cognition is our capacity to understand and properly respond to social cues in the environment. Our work and works of others have shown that individuals’ capacities in perceiving these cues change by age. The goal of this project is to understand the biological predictors of this change and underlying neural networks. Read more about this project on the publications page.  

Social cognitive processes among patients with epilepsy

​In this project, we aim to understand the neural mechanisms of social cognitive functions in the mesial lobe and frontal lobe epilepsy. We are currently collating all literature to conduct a meta-analysis and systematic review for social cognitive functions in epilepsy.

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