Here are some of my publications. For full lists of publications, please visit my academic page here.

Social and emotional processing in aging:

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Logical reasoning

  • Ziaei, M., Bonyadi, M.R. & Reutens, D.C. (2020) Age-related differences in structural and functional prefrontal networks during a logical reasoning task, Brain Imaging and Behavior
  • Ziaei, M., Bonyadi, M.R. & Reutens, D.C. (2020) A new role of the hippocampus in logical reasoning and belief bias in aging, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience  
  • Ziaei, M., Bonyadi, M.R. & Reutens, D.C. Belief loads of assumptions impact brain networks underlying logical reasoning: A machine learning approach, Preprint available in BioRxiv

Memory and aging

  • Ziaei, M., Samrani, G. & Persson, J. Age differences in the neural response to emotional distraction during working memory encoding. Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, 18 (3).  
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