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Now more than ever, we need to take care of our brain!

Learn about your amazing brain, care for it and fall in love with your life again!

Our signature program, the online ACE, is a roadmap for optimizing your brain and mental health!

knowledge is your power and your brain is your superpower. Learn about your superpower and protect it with all you can!

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What’s included in the ACE online program?

Module 1 : Stress and mental health

This module focuses on how the brain processes emotion and STRESS and what are the strategies we could implement to remove stress from our life!

We cover:

  • Definition of mental health
  • How the brain processes emotion and stress
  • Stress responses in our body
  • Strategies for managing stressors
  • Strategies for stress reduction

Module 2 : Negative thinking

We are bombarded with stressors in our lives. This module focuses on how the brain processes NEGATIVE thoughts and what are the impacts of negative thoughts on our health. How we can minimize their impacts too!

We cover:

  • Definition of negative thoughts and their impacts
  • Brain on positive or negative thoughts
  • Harmful thoughts
  • How to talk to your thoughts!

Module 3 : Cognitive enhancement

If we are not careful, we will face sonami of Dementia in near future. This module focuses on how the brain processes MEMORY, Attention and DECISION MAKING. What are the wrong habits we have that harm our cognition and recommendations for having better cognitive functions.

We cover:

  • Your brain in Memory
  • Your brain in Attention
  • Your brain in decision making
  • Harmful habits in our cognition
  • Strategies to improve our cognitive functions and improving our memories

Module 4 : Social communication

We are social creatures. This module focuses on how the brain processes SOCIAL cues in the environment and what we need to change to have better communications in general!

We cover:

  • Definition of social cognition and it’s component
  • What is empathy
  • How the brain processes social cues
  • Strategies for improving our sensitivities to social cues
  • Daily practices for better social connections

Module 5 : Sleep habits

Sleep is a building block of our cognition.This module focuses on forces for optimal SLEEP and strategies we could implement to improve our sleep!

We cover:

  • Brain on sleep – two forces
  • Different types of sleep habits
  • Impact of sleep on cognition
  • Harmful sleep habits
  • How to improve sleep habits

Module 6 : Exercise & movement

We hear alot about the importance of exercise these days but what’s the impact of exercise on the brain and cognitive functions and what types of exercises are good for us? This module explores these topics.

We cover:

  • Exercise and mental health
  • Brain in exercise
  • Neurogenesis and exercise
  • Exercises and cognitive functions
  • Exercise and healthy aging

Module 7 : Nutrition

What we put in our body impacts our brain function! This module focuses on FOOD for our brain health and function and how to have a healthier diet.

We cover:

  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Categories of food and their importance for brain health
  • Aging and food
  • How to improve healthy eating habits

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What people say about the ACE!

The program that Maryam has developed is a comprehensive tool to improve your brain health and mental health. You can’t find something else similar to this program. Taking care of my brain becomes easier and now I have so much love towards my brain!

Graham Phelem

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Why do I need to know about the brain?

Your brain is the most important organ in your body and in the whole universe. If it is not working well, you are not working well.

If you feel your worst, you won’t be able to keep up with your tasks, you are failing yourself and everyone around you because you are forgetful and not performing well, this is because your brain is not nourished. Nurture your brain and you would be amazed to see how your health will improve.

How do I know if my brain health is improved?

You feel it in your everyday!

  • You have more energy
  • You have better memory and decision-making capacity
  • You have better sleep
  • You have better social interactions with your loved ones
  • You will have better performance at work
  • You feel better physically

Are these strategies evidence-based?

Most applications and business out there claim that what they are offering is improving brain and cognitive health. the truth is that they do not have any support for their claims from research. I have handpicked and screened evidence that are proven to improve brain health. These are simple, accessible strategies that could be implemented in your life on your own pace.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • If you are concerned about your memory and cognitive functions
  • If you are concerned about your future and whether you will develop memory issues
  • If you are overwhelmed and on the verge of mental breakdown
  • If you are unsure how to change your lifestyle and adopt a healthier life style
  • If you want to get motivated and intentional with your life
  • If you want to challenge yourself and learn new things

I want to start my journey of health and growth!